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Spain: meeting programme

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Sunday 24th.
Reception for the different groups.
Monday 25th.
• 8:30h Welcome at the school library.
• 9:25h Digital presentation to introduce each school.
• 10:20h Choice of the project logo.
• 11:15h Break.
• 11:45h Coordination meeting (teachers). Mud brick workshop (students).
• 12:40h Mud brick workshop (teachers and students).
• 13:35h Evaluation of the activities carry out before the meeting.
• 14:30h End of the activities of the day.
Tuesday 26th.
• 8:30h Official reception at the Tiétar Town Hall.
• 10:00h Presentation by an architect of the current insulation systems used in buildings.
• 10:45h Show of the insulation materials.
• 11:15h Break
• 11:45h Radio interview.
• 12:40h Videoconferences with schools involved in the project.
• 13:35h Gift of sight.
• 14:30h End of the activities of the day.
Wednesday 27th.
• 8:30h Exchange of insulation experiences carried out by each school.
• 9:25h Insulation experiments I.
• 11:15h Break
• 11:45h Insulation experiments II.
• 13:30h Insulation challenge.
• 14:30h End of the activities of the day.
• 20:30h Meeting dinner (only for teachers).
Thursday 28th.
• 8:00h Departure to Cáceres.
• 10:00h Guided visit to study the differences between medieval constructions and modern buildings.
• 12:00h Guided tour to EDEA facilities focused on the comparison of real-time data between the standard
model home and the experimental model home, testing different measures of sustainability, energy
efficiency and renewable energy.
Friday 29th.
• 8:30h Departure to visit Villanueva de la Vera where we will tour the whole village built in a traditional
way: mud bricks and wood.
• 13:00h Farewell party at the school.
• 14:30h End of the activities of the day.
Saturday 30th.
Farewell to the different groups.

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