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Greece: meeting programme 2022

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Athens Online Meeting Programme

 28/02/22 - 04/03/22


The main topic of the meeting will be Shrinking our Ecological Footprint through the food we grow, buy, cook and consume.


Monday  28/02

  • Welcoming Speeches and Greetings.

  • Presentations of the different schools (Spain, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Greece).

  • Presentation and Evalutation of the SYEF Project so far.

  • Questionnaire about Consumer Behaviour regarding food.

  • Common calendar about seasonal and off-season products in each country.


Tuesday 01/03

  • Seasonal Cooking - Mediterranean Diet : Online Talk by a guest chef

- discussion / activities/ games on the talk.

  • Cooking Challenge : instructions for each country (the common calendar will be used as reference) - group work.

  • Photo contest on common padlet: instructions and deadline on the spot.

  • A day in a Greek farmers market: Video and activities.


Wednesday 02/03

  • Organic Farming : online talk by a guest organic farmer.

- discussion / activities/ games on the talk.

  • An eco-friendly greenhouse in Greece : video and discussion / activities.


Thursday 03/03

  • Presentations of cooking challenge from the different countries.

  • Padlet photo contest - announcement of winners.

  • Creating a common e-book on seasonal cooking (instructions).


Friday 04/03

  • Carnival Time in Greece : Traditions and Food.

  • Evaluation questionnaire.

  • Farewell Dance (Before the meeting, instructions will be sent to each school regarding the construction of a basic accessory for the traditional Greek dance)- we will try to dance all together.



  1. Several activities will be carried out online and the links will be given on the spot. Students will need to carry their own mobile device (smartphone / tablet) and use it only when needed.

  2.  It is  advisable to update usernames / passwords etc. to facilitate all students’ access to twinspace, since it may be necessary for some activities.

  3. For the sessions, it is enough for each country group to be in a normal classroom with video conference facilities (i.e. laptop, projector, camera, microphone) - a PC lab is not necessary.

  4. There will be prizes for the winners of all online games / contests etc., which will be sent to each school after the meeting is over.

  5. A 30-minute break is included in every day's session.

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