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Sweden meeting programme 2022

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Visit in Sweden
Shrink your ecological footprint
2022/03/21 - 2020/03/25

Monday 21/3
● Welcome speech
● Tour of the school
● Brännboll - Swedish ball sport
● Lunch
● Prepare paperpulp
● Presentation reforestation
● Plant trees

Tuesday 22/3
● Review of the day
● Visits to a water treatment plant
● Try to purify your own water - Similar to the weter treatment plant
● Lunch
● Make paper pulp to paper sheets

Wednesday 23/3
● Review of the day
● Make art from recycled materials
● Present the group's creations
● Lunch
● Tour in Lund
● Pentathlon in Lunds science center ”Vattenhallen”

Thursday 24/3
● A day as a Swedish Viking

Friday 25/3
● Review of the day
● Turn the papersheets into notebooks
● Visit Sysav - a recycling plant in Malmö
● Lunch
● Farewell party

Måste göras
- comparing the countries existing initiatives to promote recycling (statistics from countries in this subject and also compare actions between city and rural communities);
- sharing ideas and good examples on successful ways of recycling or reducing waste at our schools or our countries;
- showing our partners the activities completed before the meeting;
- setting clear individual goals, both short and longterm goals, that can be measured and compared and that can make a difference for the environment an evaluation about the first year of the project.

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