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We have made several houses of different materials: wood, cardboard, porespan, small bricks, steel and foam board. We have taken some weeks to build all houses. We were helped by our teachers. In general, we have had problems when we have passed from construction drawing to mockup.


Once, this has been done, we have developed some tests with the houses before doing the experiments. Firstly, we have put a heating lamp in the houses, we have placed a thermometer on the outside wall and we have observedhow the temperature changes. We have done the same thing with blocks of ice. In this way we have known how often we should measure the temperature, and get a appropriate graph to distinguish the behaviour of the each material. 


Finally, we have done the experiments. There were two kinds of experiences: with heat source and with a cold source. Here you are the tables of values and graphs we have obtained. In x-axis we represent the time in minutes and in the y-axis the temperature in degrees Celsius.

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